Replica's Server [Reforged Eden (Weight & CPU)] Server





Empyrion - Galactic Survival is a 3D open world space sandbox survival adventure. Build powerful ships, mighty space stations and vast planetary settlements to explore, conquer or exploit a variety of different planets and discover the mysteries of Empyrion!

Play Co-op with friends and learn about the game if you are new.

PVP can still be done in PVP areas but the server is mainly focused on Co-op gameplay.

If you need help just send a message to me and I will try to get back to you if I am there.

Inside the game chat you can type "CB:?" for commands before asking for help.

A very usful one is if you want to restart and reset your Character you can type CB:Reset.

Server commands

You can press the default (.) key inside the game to open up the game chat window and click on the Server Tab inside the game and type the following commands to use them if they are enabled.

Default Command: * there are certain default commands*:

"!MODS" --> Lists all installed Mods that are running on the server.

  "CB:Info" --> Information about the Player: Startdate, Playtime, Last Reset, ....)  
  "CB:TIME" --> Shows Server Day and Time.  
  "CB:RESET" --> Resets the player automatically. Player has 3 free resets the first 10 hours after reset. After that he can only use it every 6 hours.  
  "CB:HEAL" --> In case you the player suffers from the perma-death bug this might heal you. Only once per day and only for real dead once.  
  "CB:Survival" (Full) --> Gives you a survival kit once every full-wipe fresh start may not be configured on the server.  
  "CB:GetShipDown:ID" (Full) --> Allows you to get down your ship that is flying directly above. You have to be directly under the ship on a max 30 meter EW/NS distance and height does not matter.  
  "CB:Wipe" --> Shows all wipes from timetable with Server-Date and Time. Also shows all individual Structure wipe times if activated.  
  "CB:NextWipe" --> Shows all upcomming wipes from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left.  
  "CB:NextRestart" --> Shows all upcomming wipes/restarts/backups from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left.  
  "CB:Destroy:Id" --> Allows a Faction Admin or the Owner of a structure to delete it. You have to stand next to it to work.  
  "CB:W:Playername/PlayerID MESSAGE" allows a player to directly chat to another player.  
  "CB:GetShipHere:ID" --> Allows you to move your ship in case its stuck or in green wall. Only works on same playfield and at a certain distance around the ship.  
  "CB:GoToShip:ID" --> Allows you to warp to your ship. This is always activated in CSW Oribt. Otherwise it would need to be activated in the config. Works only on the same playfield.  
  "CB:GoHome" --> In an emergency teleport to your home location which can only be used after you died for 2 minutes.: You have to first make sure you have set your home location up with the CB:SetHome command.  
  "CB:SetHome:ID" --> Sets your emergency home location when using CB:GoHome.  
  A very usful one is if you want to restart and reset your Character you can type CB:Reset.  

Getting Your Ship ID Number

Getting it is easy just stand close to your ship and aim at it then press the "P" key to access it then click on the "Statistics" tab. After that look at the bottom left hand corner and it should show you your Ship ID number. Write it down if you like as you never know when you might need it!


Virtual Backback

Now I have currently enabled the Virtual Backpack which is used if you want to make sure your items are safe even after a server wipe and stuff like saved game breaks/bugs/ etc you can put them in the Backback.

There are different backpack types you can buy.

A personal one just for you or the other types as follows.

There are different backpacks, all of which have the same commands:


vb = personal backpack

fb = faction backpack

ob = backpack for all members coming from the same starting planet

gb = global backpack which is accessible to all players on the server

Together with a backslash at the beginning and in the faction chat, the commands are as follows (using the "vb" as an example).

"/vb help" = a list of all available commands and information

"/vb" = opens the last opened personal backpack

"/vb N" = opens the Nth personal backpack

"/vb buy" = buys another personal backpack


Voting Rewards


When you are currently already playing on the Game Server you can actually win inside the game some rewards if you are voting for the server.

You can vote for the server once every day and win rewards.

To vote head over to and vote for the server.

  Once you gave voted press to open the chat window inside the game the (.) key then click on the Server Tab or such and type "/vote help".  
  Currently a known issue were some players can't close the help screen you have to sometimes just press your "ENTER" key to close it.  
  This should show you information on voting and rewards.  

After you have voted if you would like to play the lottery and win a random prize just type "/votelottery".

Or if you prefer the normal rewards seen above in the screenshot you can type "/votereward" to claim a fixed reward.

  If you want to increase your Health for example you can type "/voteforstat health" to up your max HP.  

Loss of your Ship or Backpacks or Structures

If you lost your stuff cause of a game bug or server error you might be able to claim it back if you contact an Admin of the server.

I try to backup Structures now and keep the backups for up to 10 days which some stuff is only backed up once every 24 hours.

I can't guarantee you will get it back every time but it's best to contact the Admin within 10 working days from the loss of your stuff or the less likely it would be to be able to restore it for you.

Also note down the exact time/date you lost your stuff and you can use the command in the server chat "CB:Time" without the quotes to get the current server time.

Remember the Admins do work and sleep and may not be able to reply to you until later if busy.


Starter Planets and Moon Wipes

The Starter Planets and Moon Ore Deposits get reset now every Sunday at (CET) time Germany 00:00 midnight.

After a server restart or update randomly and a server will only be restarted with an alert message giving you time to move away from the Ore Deposits if any players are online.

WARNING Do not leave any Autominers or other equipment on top of Ore Deposits on those Starter Planets or else they will get wiped!

I recommend leaving those Starter System areas as soon as you can once you have acquired the resources allowing other players to play on the Freshly Generated Playfields.

There are normal server restarts also that don't wipe anything that may be required for updates and refreshing the server.


If you vote for the server at you can win rewards when typing in the commands above!

Awards are likely to change over time.

The Discord Channel for help and to chat and stay updated is here: